Dumpster Rentals

B-P Trucking, Inc. provides dumpster rentals for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and contractors. Our open-top containers are versatile enough to use for everything from yard waste to construction materials. With flexible payment options, you’ll be able to stay within budget for your renovation or project.

Is a Rental Dumpster Right for You?

Roll-off Truck

A residential dumpster rental might be right for you if you have accumulated too many unused items in your basement, attic, or garage. An open top container is also convenient for cleaning up the trash and debris that builds up during a home renovation.

Your business may benefit from a dumpster rental if workplace clutter is reducing productivity or creating an unsafe work environment. Many areas offer tax incentives for businesses that install a dumpster.

Some of the most common uses include the following:

  • Construction and demolition (C&D) materials
  • Stumps, brush, and yard waste
  • Concrete, brick, and asphalt
  • Clean wood and pallets
  • Metal
  • Large cleanouts
  • Hard-to-handle or bulky materials

Contact us today to find the right dumpster rental for you. Our service-focused leadership team has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best waste disposal solutions for your needs.

open top dumpster

Size Length (A) Height (B) Width (C)
15 cubic yard 13’-6″ 5’-4” 8’
20 cubic yard 22’ 4’-8” 8’
30 cubic yard 22’ 6’-2” 8’
40 cubic yard 22’ 7’-11” 8’