Waste Removal Service for Home and Businesses Owners

B-P Trucking, Inc. has been providing waste management solutions for over 50 years. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that believes in providing efficient, effective, and affordable waste removal service. Whether it’s commercial waste, residential waste, or recycling, our customers can rely on B-P Trucking, Inc.

Commercial Waste Solutions

With generations of experience in waste management, we understand what businesses want and how to provide it. We work across multiple industries with the knowledge and equipment necessary to tailor solutions by business type and need. We offer standard-sized containers as well as specialized and customized options to handle any task. With 24/7 online support and round-the-clock collection options, our waste removal service is never out of reach.

Residential Waste Solutions

For homeowners and residents, we offer flexible options designed to suit any budget and lifestyle. From single-stream residential recycling to complete trash removal service, all the way to dumpster rental for home renovation, we have it covered. With B-P Trucking, Inc., customers can choose the pickup schedule that works for them, be it every month or every week. Count on courteous, dependable service with B-P Trucking, Inc.


Recycling is good for the planet and good for its people. Reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill helps improve nearby living conditions and conserves the resources we all depend on. Unfortunately, many waste management services put the onus on the customer to sort and even clean recyclables—but not us.

Our single stream recycling services make it easy for the customer. Just follow our simple guides for commercial recycling or residential recycling, and let us handle the rest.

For generations, home and business owners from Framingham to Boston have trusted B-P Trucking, Inc. to be their waste removal service experts. Contact us today to find out why.